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December, 2005 | Scuff Productions

Did anyone really sing?

Bloged in General Home Life,Scuff Boys by mark Sunday December 25, 2005

Where’s the Caroling?

At the last minute, we actually decided to invite our neighbors over for a cookie, a drink, and a song…maybe. We expected everyone to be busy, and sure enough 5-6 folks couldn’t make because an airplane left before we gathered. However, 20+ folks came over for a few hours, and I “think” everyone had a good time. It really WAS a pleasure to have that kitchen, and with this break-in “test-night” using it, it looks like we won’t be so afraid to have someone over again.

Mac was not sold on the idea of entertaining, especially if a costume was involved:

This was fun and even brought a couple of new neighbors into this little hamlet. Here’s Melanie and newly adopted son Terron:

We couldn’t be more happy Melanie and Nathan with Terron and Rosie are moving in. Melanie is a bread making wizard professionally at one of the new New Seasons Markets here, probably the finest up-scale grocery group in the area. With just a few words, she has already made a difference in how we bake. Rosie, the oldest child is a cute as a kid can be:

Here our oldest friends up here, and old California work-mates and friends, Roushdi and Eran are shown leaving after once again razzing Peter about one misunderstood word, that you know becomes the talk of the evening. Discussing Anna Russell, and remiscing about her comic genius. Peter was curious but didn’t hear her name right and said, “You say you wanna Wrestle?”……… Well only your imagination can tell you how that funny line played out. :

The BEST part about these boys? We have NOT seen them much this year. They wanted us to come over and see their new TV……that was 12 months ago. Yes, we met up downtown once or twice, but it was great to see them, and that’s what’s the best part. They called Christmas Eve morning and invited us over for Prime Rib Dinner! Whew! We had a fabulous time catching up, watching the Colts get beat by the Seahawks, and having a huge gourmet meal with the cheese sauce of no less standard than the recipe right out of Julia’s Cookbook. Thanks, ERAN! It was a truly gourmet meal. No room for dessert. Phil happened to be there for everything as well, and luckily, is going to transfer our “ANNA RUSSELL” VHS Tape to DVD. We really are lucky.

Arnie and Kaye brought sis Janice who as would be expected, turns out to be as charming and loveable as Arnie and Kaye are. Smiths arrived late after seeing a holiday theater production, and couldn”t stay long but instigated the only carol singing of the evening…..I wish there’d have been more, but it just seemed there wasn’t enough time to talk.

Richard and Bobbie came for a while, and as always add to the charm of any event. Richard was more than kind during kitchen remodeling down to helping Mark install the new entry door, a project that ended up taking about four hours with all the leveling, etc:

This Christmas morning Rodger proudly made me open a box containing a new heavy insulated but comfortable flannel jacket for working around when it’s dry. I am so sad to report this meant giving up the last threads of my old one that came from, and will no doubt be the LAST thing I will have ever gotten in Vale, Oregon. I bought this from the “Vale Supply” where I had my first “office” job, and learned for the first time in my life how people outside of “Mormonism” actually think. Perhaps that was my first time to question the claim that Mormons are the only Religion holding rights to God’s highest rewards. Oh well. Back to the jacket. Here’s the last picture of the delicate thing prior to its burial in the waste can this morning after years and years of faithful service:

Yes, Rodger has been waiting some time for me to replace this myself, but you can see, it contained memories.

Oh well, we had a wonderful Christmas morning, once again, thanks to the kindness of family and friends joining us in sharing our hearts……………

On to 2005 and the challenges of staying healthy, paying down OUR debt and the Bush debt, somehow seeing family and friends MORE often, and let’s see, don’t forget, losing the extra pounds that have been sneaking back in.


Thanksgiving 2005

Bloged in Family,General Home Life,Scuff Boys by mark Thursday December 1, 2005

Thanksgiving for us this year was a very welcome visit by Rodger’s Dad and Sis, Chet & Cheryl. They arrived Wednesday night and left on Saturday, so it was too short, but fun. Of course you know that Wednesday night was spent talking and catching up on all the fine details on both sides, and ended with these smiles from all parties:

Yes, Mac got a little spoiled by Chet….too many cookies. Even the bird wanted in on the picture.

Thursday found Rodger & Cheryl spending a good deal of time in the kitchen cooking but we didn’t carefully calculate the turkey cook time. We just didn’t seriously think about the size of the bird (24 pounds)………. So even with a hotter oven than we wanted, it wasn’t ready to eat until about 7:00 pm. Oh well, everything was great and we had a good time.

We enjoyed a good holiday.

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