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November, 2004 | Scuff Productions


Bloged in General Home Life,Scuff Boys by mark Sunday November 28, 2004

Well. This is the first morning I’ve had to break ice so birds can have a drink. There was frost on the lawns today, but last night we had a warm house by starting up the wood stove, enjoying Turkey Leftover dinners with the last of the Maple Pumpkin Pie. We got the Christmas tree Saturday from Furrow Farms (great place) and only got it onto the stand, watered and in the house last night. All in all, a busy but great day. The outside lights are up, wood’s in place, we’re ready for winter to start and it appears that’s what the weather’s going to do this week with night time temps near 30 and highs only in the 40’s. Tucker’s fading just a tiny bit more…… Winter’s a mixed season, eh?

FULL SUN and 60?

Bloged in General Home Life by mark Friday November 5, 2004

The last two morning have hovered near freezing, the valley thick with fog, but up here the sun has risen early and created gorgeous November afternoons. I walked MAC with Baird and their “Ellie” down the BPA trail and saw Mt. St. Helens as clear as a bell….with the Columbia in front of us (though miles away)….gorgeous. Came back home to finally plant some potted things from the deck onto the berm just to see if they survive. We can move them next spring if they don’t seem to like where they’re at. I have found four fir seedlings on the berm and moved one….need a home for the others if nothing more than a place to plant a future Christmas tree.
I moved some wood into the garage and the house……..a few more nights near freezing and we just may start a fire to knock the edge off the chill. I guess winter’s on its way.

I tried my hand at digging up a Dahlia tuber for the first time and now have two of them (about 1 foot square each…s0lid bulbs ) to split up, dry, and re-plant in the garden. We have about one dozen more of them out there that need the same treatment. They all need it, haven’t been split for 3-4 years, and didn’t do too well this year because of it. I love the Dahlia because it blooms well into fall. The final blooms are just dying now.

MAC seems to have healed, and sadly enough, no more tranquilizers, so now, “Be Patient.” In that two weeks, though, he has learned easily to sit, stay, and “Shake” (the paw), so all wasn’t lost.

Rodger just returned from a business trip to Seattle. While waiting for the boss between things, he got to see Paul Allen’s Music Museum, see Pike Market again with Mike and Janice, and fight crowds of would-be Democratic “Victory” Party Celebrants that were at the Westin “believing” they would be happy late that night. For Rodger, it was not fun as there were only four elevators and he was on the 35th floor. The noise and cheers were, of course, dead, by 11:00 PM………………sadly enough.

What a day today though……………..maybe one more tomorrow!

Election ?

Bloged in Political by mark Friday November 5, 2004

I can only say this. The half of this country who’ve wildly supported a re-election of our would-be-king, Mr. Bush, have gotten their wish. The Christian Evangelicals have already been saying, “It’s time to start the revolution!”. One (of many) of my strong emotions with this election result is: OK, Mr. Bush………now you have no one left to blame as the scroll unravels these next four years. IF you succeed I will say I was deeply wrong, but if, as I suspect, this country and constitutional government end up forever damaged, then you, the neocons, and Christians MUST take the responsibility. My prediction is that our standing in the world will be damaged for decades, our economic stability will be shattered, a few million MORE People will be out of work and out of Health Insurance, and the Christian Extremists will still be making more demands….still blaming “EVIL” on what is wrong rather than the truth.

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