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It’s hard not to . . . . . .

Bloged in Bush,Political by mark Friday November 5, 2010

Say how depressing this election was.

Before the elections offices have shut off the lights for the evening, Rethuglicans and Tea-ers have begun making demands for U.S. President to cave in, which he did immediately the next morning. On WHAT issue?

(note: I feel “suddenly” as if I’m living in a different nation than I was on Monday. I’m living in an OLIGARCHY. Or a Plutocracy. The system running is something very close to Fascism. The ground rules and demands are laid out by Corporate Billionaires through their Fundamentalist Christian thug spokespeople.)

Republicans SAY they won “partly” because of deficit spending, the soaring debt that’s breaking their wealthy constituents backs. The SAME constituents who have NOT paid their full Tax burden for 10 years now. Republicans WANT to EXTEND those tax breaks for the wealthy EVEN THOUGH THAT extension will add $700 Billion, with a “B” to the SAME deficit they are whining about.

What will be tea-party victors DO when arriving in Washington with “claims” they will NOT compromise about cutting spending?

I foresee MASSIVE cuts in ALL social services.

I do NOT hear a “breath” about reducing the endless WAR which will end, as did Russia’s 20 years war there, in a nation (America) BROKE and enslaved to it’s owner, CHINA.

NOTE TO RETHUGLICANS: You did NOT win a “MANDATE” as you claim. In almost EVERY case you won by BARE margins, and 2-3 cases aren’t even yet decided. TRY TO REMEMBER there are almost as many voters AGAINST you as for you.

NOTE TO OBAMA: Grow a pair. Man Up. Those are cheap words, but you have shown NO leadership since Tuesday. You’ve shown you are simply a puppet of the Republican demands. In September you stated THIS nation could NOT afford any more years of those Bush Tax cuts. ONE DAY after the mid-terms this week, you say you’ll go along with the extensions. Harry Truman didn’t begin his term as a popular president …….too weak…….but by his 2nd term what was the mantra? “Give ’em Hell Harry!” THAT, my dear, Mr. Obama is the ONLY way YOUR presidency will survive a failure rating in history……. Become the hero that you speak of in those warm smooth slathery speeches.

LAST NOTE to ANYONE who LISTENS to FOX NEWS CORP: Turn it off! You’re minds are being poisoned. You’re hearing propaganda and outright lies about any opposition that’s repeated by every one of their broadcasters until it’s believed by the public (latest example? “Obama is spending $2 B on his trip to India…34 warships going to protect him, 3000 staff, all staying at 5 star Taj Mahal Hotel”…..THESE SMEARS we’re repeated all day until it began to be a “news story” It was ALL GARBAGE…. ***DO YOURSELF A FAVOR IF YOU EVER WANT TO LEARN WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THIS COUNTRY: TURN OFF FOX NEWS!!!!!****

Options? *MSNBC’s commentators in the evening, *FSTV, LINK TV, Democracy Now, Bill Moyers,, Huffington Post, and dozens of other fact based commentaries.

Thank you for letting me whine…………it doesn’t change things, and no one will hear this, but I’ll have felt better. WHERE COULD I SEND THIS that leaders would listen……I feel helpless, but AM happy to note where WE live, we’re surrounded by those who feel close to what we feel.

The Big Takeover. Thanks, Matt.

Bloged in BOOKS worthy of a Read,Bush,Political by mark Tuesday March 31, 2009

MATT TAIBBI has been writing a few years, and I mean all around the world.
His new article in ROLLING STONE has put him on all the talk shows, and THIS article, for me, has explained EVERYTHING I have come to believe in the past couple of years. I DO HOPE, more than I have ever wanted anything, that EVERYONE in this country, especially conservatives will read this: THE BIG TAKEOVER. Maybe THEN they will begin to understand what their Capitalist buddies have truly been doing to them the last 30 years.

Here’s a bit from the Bush Years about 9-11 and how that was manipulated into a WAR we’re still in the middle of:

I am ordering this book now……….. The Great Derangement
The Terrifying True Story of War, Politics, and Religion at the Twilight of the American Empire.

But a MUCH more thorough and wonderful review of the book was written here at the DAILY KOS.

Holder’s the NEW A/G! I am thrilled.

Bloged in Bush,Political by mark Wednesday January 28, 2009

Despite the crazy little-kid mentality of R/Tex John Cronyn and R/OK Tom Coburn, so AFRAID Holder will take away their guns, and afraid he just MIGHT prosecute “some” for TORTURING people, he received the broad support today in the senate! HURRAH!

Waterboarding is GONE.
Guantanamo will be GONE soon.
The entire JUSTICE Department is about to be restored to an independent branch of government as was intended by our founders rather than a sticky political arm of the Republican Party. HURRAY!

We have an Attorney General who KNOWS what Torture is and our obligation to uphold established LAW!

Once again, my HOPE and thrill of life is renewed. I cried yesterday to learn Obama had TALKED with Arab Media and believes they are EQUALS on this planet. I am thrilled George Mitchell is going to work on peace for the Palestinians………….

Whew! It’s a good day today.

On the down side. It appears the era of the Metrosexuals is about over. It’s not that we don’t KNOW a few, I do see men getting comfortable enough knowing “gay” people as simply the same as they are, that they can relax. No MORE do they need to worry about understanding what arugula is and what it’s for. They can get back to buying Bud Light. That’s OKAY! We’re moving forward.

I too can breathe easier not finding so many straight men who have more knowledge about quality skin care products than I do, and can throw together a vegetarian feast in 30 minutes with ingredients I haven’t discovered yet. AH. And. It allows ME the freedom to enjoy my bacon cheeseburger alongside my Chocolate Malt Shake with NEW hope of equality for all.

Now if I can JUST find out how to get my IRA money back from the criminals (Bush and Cronies) that was stolen in the name of Capitalism, arrogance, and greed, then I’ll have few worries……well at least for today. Here they were these last couple of years, those big CEO’s:

Ah, LIFE! It has been TOO thrilling NOT hearing even the name of G. W. Bush the last few days in any media. Wahoo!!!! That in itself is life affirming.

Voter Suppression

Bloged in Bush,Political by mark Friday October 17, 2008

With all the conservative blabbers mouthing loud noises against a truly patriotic organization that has been around a LONG time, the A.C.O.R.N. kids, they are truly blowing smoke trying to cover up the frightening partisan (Republican) voter suppression going on around the country. I looked for news of this somewhere besides the rare liberal talk shows, and found nothing as a headline. Nowhere. I finally GOGGLED: VOTER SUPPRESSION.

There were 542 stories shown. With Tens of Thousands of names being booted from the voter rolls in MANY states by Republican officials and even a sheriff, how is this not a news headline? You can’t turn to the big propaganda stations like FOX, CNN, etc w/o hearing: “ACORN – – we got to stop them kids from getting poor people to vote!” (See O’Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, etc etc).

Sometimes I think the country’s waking up, and I can’t wait to cast my vote in hopes the tide can be turned. Still, it’s despairing seeing the Corporate Criminals with their hand inside Bushes’ tush manipulating billions from our ragged pockets into their own guarded gated private accounts, no doubt, offshore to avoid any tax penalty.

WHO EVER takes over in January will have a most desperate situation. These CRIMINAL pigs-at-the-trough are actually getting away with pillaging and plundering what little’s left that supports the life of the ordinary citizens here in America. At days end, they smile at the same country clubs holding up cocktails laughing at the weakness of the poor.

Ah! I feel BETTER.

Failures of Unregulated Capitalism

Bloged in Bush,Political by mark Wednesday October 15, 2008

I am feeling quite hopeless lately after the financial markets are being manipulated by speculators, short sellers, etc., to pocket money.

I deeply resented this picture of two of those pigs at the trough taken as they left the Senate hearings this week:
John J. Mack, Morgan Stanley’s chief executive, left, and Vikram S. Pandit, chief executive of Citigroup, after a meeting at the Treasury Department on Monday.
= = = =

In another mood though, here’s how some see the election choices coming up:


I HAVE been depressed lately to truly realize we live in a sham of a democracy.

Guys Like That

Bloged in Bush,Political by mark Friday October 10, 2008


This was not written yesterday, but a while back. It sure fits today, though.

*Guys Like That*

Drive very nice cars, and from
where you sit in your dented
last-century version of the
most ordinary car in America, they

look dark-suited and neat and fast.
Guys like that look as if they are thinking
about wine and marble floors, but
really they are thinking about TiVo

and ESPN. Women think that guys
like that are different from the guys
driving the trucks that bring cattle
to slaughter, but guys like that are

planning worse things than the death
of a cow. Guys who look like that —
so clean and cool — are quietly moving
money across the border, cooking books,

making deals that leave some people
rich and some people poorer
than they were before guys like that
robbed them at the pump and on

their electricity bills, and even
now, guys like that are planning how
to divide up that little farm they just
passed, the one you used to call home.

Joyce Sutphen

Joyce Sutphen lives in Chaska, Minnesota and teaches at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota.

The button YOU will be wearing if S. Palin picks out your next Supreme Crt Justice

Bloged in Bush,Political by mark Tuesday September 30, 2008


I enjoyed that after reading the latest AP Poll showing Mr. O’s commanding Electoral Lead.

McCain / Palin and the Armageddon

Bloged in Bush,General Home Life,Political,Religion by mark Monday September 8, 2008

AS the Rethuglicans campaign falls into Rovian Fast Gear with made-up slime-balls being repeated through the media, I am reminded just HOW the criminal Tyrant W. Bush got into power two times. Now, McCain, in his rush to get the Hillary voters, appoints one FRIGHTENING candidate as HIS VP.

Seems ALL the born-agains have jumped on the 21st century Satan-mobile driven by the gun-toting self-righteous, arrogant, lying, representative of the Assembly of God Church, Ms. Palin, who, in her religious hubris, must still not be aware that there are documented records of what, when, and how she has done/said things.

I can’t truly imagine how even my Mormon Cousins could possibly give a milligram of thought about giving her a consideration when one remembers the condition this country is in, the health condition her running mate’s in, the international debacle their own party got us into…..that didn’t begin with W, it began with Nixon, moved along 5 mph until Reagan. Reagan ballooned the deficits, cuts for the wealthy (his own friends), and by 2000, little W, jumped into the Republican speed wagon and put his foot to the floor to try to starve our government of any and all social programs.

I am fearful of this fact: ALL the current Supreme Judges need is ONE more vote boy/gal on THEIR side and this country is finished. It is already close to being so.

To actually see what fundamentalist religion can do to the Republicans and how it was allowed to happen, was because at first, NOT ONE OF US BELIEVED that a majority of people would CONTINUE to vote for them once the battle to install a Fascist Theocracy was well on the way. These Fundamentalists have learned to work in harmony WITH the CORPORATIONS, and they can’t lose.

I DO hope you are reading something besides the ruling Corporate Media systems (NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, for example) if you want to learn truth and plan to vote this year.

Sarah Palin is NOT the angel of light she’s being given a pass for. She is very blatantly evil, conniving, power-hungry with a Messiah complex worth than G. W. Bush. She and her friends want to take YOU to the END of the democratic rule you’ve grown up with. You should be nervous. If someone believes in a “RAPTURE” event coming, you’d better steer clear of her.

Australia Explains How American Presidents are Elected.

Bloged in Bush,Political by mark Friday April 25, 2008

I am becoming more and more convinced, the days of a Democracy have been gone a while.

As I’ve watched the 2008 Primaries roll along, I, and most people I know have resented what we’ve seen as more and more indifference by our “rulers” and the corporate managed Media to what I hear being said by the citizens.

Thanks Peter Mc for referring me to this, we finally got to see something worth watching in this election season. Make sure you stay for the LAST sound-bite…………. you’ll KNOW what I mean when you hear it, and no one I know, at least, will disagree with the claim made by this Australian Information Bit.

WELL ? I hope you share this video………………..

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