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It’s hard not to . . . . . .

Bloged in Bush,Political by mark Friday November 5, 2010

Say how depressing this election was.

Before the elections offices have shut off the lights for the evening, Rethuglicans and Tea-ers have begun making demands for U.S. President to cave in, which he did immediately the next morning. On WHAT issue?

(note: I feel “suddenly” as if I’m living in a different nation than I was on Monday. I’m living in an OLIGARCHY. Or a Plutocracy. The system running is something very close to Fascism. The ground rules and demands are laid out by Corporate Billionaires through their Fundamentalist Christian thug spokespeople.)

Republicans SAY they won “partly” because of deficit spending, the soaring debt that’s breaking their wealthy constituents backs. The SAME constituents who have NOT paid their full Tax burden for 10 years now. Republicans WANT to EXTEND those tax breaks for the wealthy EVEN THOUGH THAT extension will add $700 Billion, with a “B” to the SAME deficit they are whining about.

What will be tea-party victors DO when arriving in Washington with “claims” they will NOT compromise about cutting spending?

I foresee MASSIVE cuts in ALL social services.

I do NOT hear a “breath” about reducing the endless WAR which will end, as did Russia’s 20 years war there, in a nation (America) BROKE and enslaved to it’s owner, CHINA.

NOTE TO RETHUGLICANS: You did NOT win a “MANDATE” as you claim. In almost EVERY case you won by BARE margins, and 2-3 cases aren’t even yet decided. TRY TO REMEMBER there are almost as many voters AGAINST you as for you.

NOTE TO OBAMA: Grow a pair. Man Up. Those are cheap words, but you have shown NO leadership since Tuesday. You’ve shown you are simply a puppet of the Republican demands. In September you stated THIS nation could NOT afford any more years of those Bush Tax cuts. ONE DAY after the mid-terms this week, you say you’ll go along with the extensions. Harry Truman didn’t begin his term as a popular president …….too weak…….but by his 2nd term what was the mantra? “Give ’em Hell Harry!” THAT, my dear, Mr. Obama is the ONLY way YOUR presidency will survive a failure rating in history……. Become the hero that you speak of in those warm smooth slathery speeches.

LAST NOTE to ANYONE who LISTENS to FOX NEWS CORP: Turn it off! You’re minds are being poisoned. You’re hearing propaganda and outright lies about any opposition that’s repeated by every one of their broadcasters until it’s believed by the public (latest example? “Obama is spending $2 B on his trip to India…34 warships going to protect him, 3000 staff, all staying at 5 star Taj Mahal Hotel”…..THESE SMEARS we’re repeated all day until it began to be a “news story” It was ALL GARBAGE…. ***DO YOURSELF A FAVOR IF YOU EVER WANT TO LEARN WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THIS COUNTRY: TURN OFF FOX NEWS!!!!!****

Options? *MSNBC’s commentators in the evening, *FSTV, LINK TV, Democracy Now, Bill Moyers,, Huffington Post, and dozens of other fact based commentaries.

Thank you for letting me whine…………it doesn’t change things, and no one will hear this, but I’ll have felt better. WHERE COULD I SEND THIS that leaders would listen……I feel helpless, but AM happy to note where WE live, we’re surrounded by those who feel close to what we feel.

portlands quirky

Bloged in Oregon,Political,Portland by mark Thursday November 19, 2009

From our local independent paper, the Willamette Week, this letter was printed. It is an unromanticized, rather honest tiny description of the economic vacuum that exists here. IF you lived here, you’d be laughing seriously, if that’s possible:

A Great Place To Live (And Die)

That was a fine article on Portland and WW in the last 3 1/2 decades. It looks like you’ll soon be replacing The Oregonian as Portland’s primary daily. I think Bud Clark and Sam Adams typify Portland’s quirky image—not dirty like Chicago, or wealthy like Manhattan, but funny like Disneyland. It occasionally wants to be taken seriously as a fashion-forward environmentalist’s utopia, or a place where real industry would come, but in the end, its Willamette is no better than Kucinich’s burning Cuyahoga, its infrastructure is crumbling, and its leaders are too busy chasing (underage) tail to care.

Portland is now, a great weekend trip for a family from Seattle or San Francisco, a hip town for slackers looking to score meth and beg for money on the street corners, and probably the quintessential locale for upscale California retirees to move to, buy a dog and a condo, live for a few years, and then die. The truth is we have no real industries except for health care and hospice. When it’s time to pull the plug on Grannie, you want to do it here.

Mark Kraschel,

newsy bits

Bloged in Political by mark Thursday September 10, 2009

I used to wonder what we’d talk about after the last election.

Just today I see, with some amazement, but no surprises…………really……….

1) The Mexican Plane Hijacker is a born-again Christian, convinced God, or someone “close” to God, was instructing him on this “hijacking” plan…

2) Republicans have SO little respect for the office of the president, there’s broad discussion today about how many were “texting” during his speech last night, i.e., Eric Kantor…….the BIG Republican in Congress.

3) The So. Carolina Congressman who screamed out, “You Lie” to the American President in a joint session of congress happens to be, believe it or not, the LARGEST recipient of campaign moneys from the Health Insurance Industry.

4) Glenn Beck is SO insane, SOMEONE in his own CHURCH, the Mormons ought to be interested in having him sushed. His anger full of explosive hallucinations DO need therapy………. calling for a revolution.

5) TX Recessionists are NOT VERY mad at Gov Perry after HE said TEXAS should secede from the UNION because of Obama doctrine….that TX shouldn’t pay anymore taxes. That was shortly before HE accepted a few hundred thousand for some work on TX gov’t buildlings. He’s being called to put up or shut up….. Be careful what you ask for, Mr. Perry and ALL you Republicans who have no concept of what this government has done for you.

6) Sarah Palin was called out for creating the “DEATH PANELS” lingo that all the Repubs jumped on…….NOT last night. NOT ONE has since dared bring THAT big lie up again.

7) IT SEEMS to me, EVERY insane blather these people blither, tweet, or put on the airwaves is eventually exposed as lies, if not ignorance. WHEN will their own “smart” members finally get embarrassed and demand change in their OWN party?

8) Rupert Murdoch continues to play Beck on the air despite the dozens of sponsor cancellations. Why? Beck has viewership. I guess it shows “MONEY” is all that matters to Mr. M, one of the wealthiest men on earth who, to this very moment, is still trying to acquire MORE media control so he can eventually silence all of us, any opposition to Corporate Control.

9) I’m concerned the Supreme Court is going to reverse the regulations that kept limits on Corporation Contributions to Political Campaigns. I have a very STRONG feeling where MOST of that money would go.

10) I have NEW respect for Obama….great speech last night, well timed, and I’ve decided he knows exactly what he’s doing and is patient enough to wait them out. I think the same will be true of other campaign promises we haven’t seen accomplished yet. After all, he is STILL in his first year of office trying to fight off an opposing party who will do ANYTHING to get their absolute power back.

The Gathering Gay Storm

Bloged in Gay,Political,Religion by mark Tuesday April 21, 2009

I hope this hasn’t been scaring you. . . . . THIS version of the Gathering Gay Storm re: Marriage should put you at ease:

A Gaythering Storm from Jane Lynch

The Big Takeover. Thanks, Matt.

Bloged in BOOKS worthy of a Read,Bush,Political by mark Tuesday March 31, 2009

MATT TAIBBI has been writing a few years, and I mean all around the world.
His new article in ROLLING STONE has put him on all the talk shows, and THIS article, for me, has explained EVERYTHING I have come to believe in the past couple of years. I DO HOPE, more than I have ever wanted anything, that EVERYONE in this country, especially conservatives will read this: THE BIG TAKEOVER. Maybe THEN they will begin to understand what their Capitalist buddies have truly been doing to them the last 30 years.

Here’s a bit from the Bush Years about 9-11 and how that was manipulated into a WAR we’re still in the middle of:

I am ordering this book now……….. The Great Derangement
The Terrifying True Story of War, Politics, and Religion at the Twilight of the American Empire.

But a MUCH more thorough and wonderful review of the book was written here at the DAILY KOS.

Outlawing Bestiality! That will Fix Everything!

Bloged in Political by mark Thursday March 19, 2009

With some humor today, favorite gay political/humorist blogger Joe-My-God’s page published a long read (if you include the comments) about Florida Legislator Nan Rich that was originally printed in the MIAMI NEWS (yes, it’s real).

(I was intrigued because of my own recalled experience about this “behavior” learned the day of my Mormon Mission interview…. I BLOGGED about it HERE at Post 1648). **It was a long post….the “bestial” story was near the bottom of the whole page……

This is Ms. Rich:

Ms. Rich wishes to put sexual deviants behind bars:

“”There’s a tremendous correlation between sexually deviant behavior and crimes against children and crimes against animals,” said Sen. Nan Rich, a Sunrise Democrat, told the Miami Herald. “This is long overdue. These are heinous crimes. And people belong in jail.”

I’m awestruck yet again at the blind ignorance that abounds in this country and the “Primitive God” minds that would wage war to STAY in power (i.a. Family Research Council, Rev Hagee, US Rep Eric Cantor, Rick Santorum, etc etc etc etc) who continue to kick at blips on the radar while our entire society continues to burn.

They Opine that Obama is gonna bring you Socialism, honey, WHILE their peers and counterparts, many WHITE RICH CAUCASIAN Wealthy Men rape their fellow citizens WITHOUT conscience, and literally remove HUGE percentages of U.S. MONEY into THEIR OWN private accounts………..and don’t even pretend to pay their share of taxes. YES. I’m watching WHITE Caucasians doing this. Can you say, “AIG?” Or “Wall street?”

THE RELIGIOUS BIGOTS mentioned above cry and pray about the worries of how their minority gardener is sneaking in, they stew that Homasexuuals is ruuining their marriages and go on TV to cry about it… They are worried someone evil and depraved is watching them thru the windows of their double wide home. They tune into a PROPAGANDA channel (fox) that will give air to mentally insane voices named O’Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, the Mormon Beck, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, and on and on and on.
ALL of these brain damaged people continue the TEAM words of WHITE POWER, IGNORANCE, FEAR, END-Times, even bringing up the FEAR word: SOCIALISM.

Let me say just one thing before I go take a pill: IF FREE health care and REGULATED BANKS, REGULATED Retirement SAVINGS, FREE entry to INDEPENDENT PRESS MEANS: NEW SOCIALISM, I’m ALL FOR IT.

We are NOT living a democracy, we are living in a SHAM system controlled by Corporations. WHEN these giant Corporations whine out, “WE ARE TOO BIG to FAIL” and their Lobbyist PAID Puppets in Washington respond with a Trillion Dollars, then you do NOT live in a Democracy. MODERN EUROPE is full of lots of REGULATED mediums, and their societies are living in a MUCH more progressive way then we.

PLEASE, the last of my conservative afraid-of-the-truth relatives (Norm, that’s you), turn OFF FOX CHANNELS……………GET yourself some TRUTH and in turn, some freedom of choice.

*****SORRY. Having a broken leg means I’m seeing TOO much TV….and I’m not EVEN WATCHING any of the RIGHT WING STUFF……just the crap it CAUSES.

FIND the joy of world news sources…. IF YOU NEED a LIST, please advise.

Oh yes, “Hey, yall, have a happy day.” And I mean it……………I’m having a thrilling time watching the most GRAND things in my life, the BIRTH and RENEWAL of life known as: S P R I N G arriving.

Holder’s the NEW A/G! I am thrilled.

Bloged in Bush,Political by mark Wednesday January 28, 2009

Despite the crazy little-kid mentality of R/Tex John Cronyn and R/OK Tom Coburn, so AFRAID Holder will take away their guns, and afraid he just MIGHT prosecute “some” for TORTURING people, he received the broad support today in the senate! HURRAH!

Waterboarding is GONE.
Guantanamo will be GONE soon.
The entire JUSTICE Department is about to be restored to an independent branch of government as was intended by our founders rather than a sticky political arm of the Republican Party. HURRAY!

We have an Attorney General who KNOWS what Torture is and our obligation to uphold established LAW!

Once again, my HOPE and thrill of life is renewed. I cried yesterday to learn Obama had TALKED with Arab Media and believes they are EQUALS on this planet. I am thrilled George Mitchell is going to work on peace for the Palestinians………….

Whew! It’s a good day today.

On the down side. It appears the era of the Metrosexuals is about over. It’s not that we don’t KNOW a few, I do see men getting comfortable enough knowing “gay” people as simply the same as they are, that they can relax. No MORE do they need to worry about understanding what arugula is and what it’s for. They can get back to buying Bud Light. That’s OKAY! We’re moving forward.

I too can breathe easier not finding so many straight men who have more knowledge about quality skin care products than I do, and can throw together a vegetarian feast in 30 minutes with ingredients I haven’t discovered yet. AH. And. It allows ME the freedom to enjoy my bacon cheeseburger alongside my Chocolate Malt Shake with NEW hope of equality for all.

Now if I can JUST find out how to get my IRA money back from the criminals (Bush and Cronies) that was stolen in the name of Capitalism, arrogance, and greed, then I’ll have few worries……well at least for today. Here they were these last couple of years, those big CEO’s:

Ah, LIFE! It has been TOO thrilling NOT hearing even the name of G. W. Bush the last few days in any media. Wahoo!!!! That in itself is life affirming.

Tiny step forward for Gay Marriage

Bloged in Gay,General Home Life,Political,Religion by mark Tuesday December 9, 2008

Thanks to cousin Elissa…………. I saw this video and immediately had to post it. A REPUBLICAN Mayor, Jerry Sanders, of San Diego had a change of heart. He hosted a news conference and here’s the emotional text. GREAT courage on his part:

Does THAT give you hope?


Bloged in Gay,Political by mark Tuesday November 25, 2008

I hope every person living sees the film. . . . MILK .


THE link is to the NEW YORK TIMES review of the film. Harvey Milk was an inspiration to me even…..just at the time I’d been promoted in the company and moved to the bay area.

This movie is classic now especially considering the battle for civil rights we face, Rodger and I, and millions of others in a battle for equal rights as U.S. Citizens. DO NOT think this won’t effect you if Prop 8 is allowed to stand.

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