Pickles 2014

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so. Once again, the 4 cousins gather together in August to not only remember the elder matriarchal women who worked 22 hours a day in summers gardening, harvesting, preserving, canning, storing food for their families, but to also, “once again” HAVE the treasure OF those memories sealed up in jars and here for our own enjoyment.

It seems a while back now that the last of those “Grandma Ray Pickles” were being used up, all her own children already passed away except the youngest, Aunt Merle who still MADE them from her own garden way over in John Day, Oregon. We called her, she happily agreed to teach us just how to do this, so off we went for a weekend as pickle students….I’ll never forget that. The pickling of our own began that year with us, cousin Nancy M, and Merle’s own daughter Nancy P coming from Seattle…. and we’ve been pickling one weekend every August since. In that time, we lost dear cousin Nancy P. to the dreaded Mursa virus, so her own son, J & partner Bhakti replaced Nancy…..and we continue on.

Pickling these days involves a trip to the produce capital of the Portland metro area which lies just below our hilltop house on a massive island marking the confluence of the great Columbia & Willamette Rivers. It’s composed of 20 million years of river downflow containing volcanic, ash, and other rich sediments. The farm property there is invaluable….. There are produce farms where you can pick your own, organic choices, etc. OUR choice has long been one called The Pumpkin Patch…. http://www.thepumpkinpatch.com/ . . . a family owned place where no spraying is allowed.

So Friday morning is a drive to Pumpkin Patch to buy: 5 large 25# bags of smaller pickling cucumbers, dozens of dill weed branches, lots-o-garlic, serrano & Habanero peppers and a round of misc veggies that catches our eye. On return home, the work begins immediately for the cucumbers must be cleaned and placed in a water soak for the next 24 hours. So here we go with a table set up from sawhorses & plywood pieces, bowls, and cucumbers ready for work:

day 1 cleang cukes
**yep, note my stand was set up in the shade.

and we get ready:
1pickles cleanng cukes

Ah! Getting those dang Garlic cloves out of those clumps of husks and dry peels……..Rodger discovered the method….placing the clumps between two stainless bowls and shaking ‘em up…. it’s a much easier task after that…..and here we were after an hour:

day1 garlic

After about 4 hours, here’s our finished product that will sit quietly until the next morning’s arrival of our workmate cousins to chop, dice, place and ornament:

day 1 soak after cln

Ornament? Yes, half the fun is placing the seasonings/grape leaves/dill/peppers into the bottle as well:

didn't make pickle cut

Soon, that kitchen is simply in motion for a few hours:

cuzn picklng 2014c

And here, we await the hot-water bath finish of one group of jars before we can begin the next one. Friend RHONDA joined us because she is going to begin THIS week pickling on her own with hubby Bob. It IS because of Bob & Rhonda that we now have grape leaves growing on our own place, so we never have to buy them:

cuzn [pkl mrk rhnda
**Bob & Rhonda will also join us for the Dilled Beans project next on the list.

Part of the task….keeping lids sterile, and the water bath….never a full boil, rather a hot simmer going on with water level about half-way up the jars…..the purpose of this bath is simply to get the jars to “seal”……

heat is on

A batch awaits the water bath:

pickles await boil

Cousin Nancy M bravely continues on despite the arthritis bothering her hand……

nancy sore thmb

The tribe lines up the final production batches for a number count which finished at 95:

cuzn picklng2014 b

And a POSE:

cuzn picklng2014 aug

There WERE a few cucumbers left that night that Mark & Rodger finished the next day…..these were the very last lonely kids left for what ended up being a PINT Jar:

last  of cukes

The lonely Last pint:

jar lonely2

Last label:

jar lonely

The weekend has taken its toll on Mark & Rodger who added another 24 jars of finished “Grandma Ray’s Pickles”:


Ah….next project mid-week next: Ginger Peach Jam. After That? Dilled Beans.

Last Post May? oops. very late diary entry Aug 4 …summer summary

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It’s obvious I’m not even recording a ‘diary’ history for my OWN use anymore. Last entry was May 8. In fact, there’s just an outline here of things I might use looking back a year from now……….. awful writer I am.

May 10 forward…….

We departed for Chicago for a 2 1/2 week trip on May 17. It was a fabulous time from beginning to end. Doug & Leon hosted our stay in the beginning at their home in Elgin…….enjoying their historical home’s comforts, the local best dining choices, and talking….a lot. Grand time. We prepped with them a tiny bit for some of their friends who always join at their house as it’s right in a city Race route….met some of the heartland’s finest.

A highlight of this visit was visiting the Peggy Braetbart Nature Museum visiting Doug’s butterfly Gardens…
it was an amazing science experience with the tour of the labs where many of the creatures are raised. Whew.

Taking the river tours featuring Chicago outside architecture is a learning experience…..this is one FINELY designed city.

We trekked from there northward to River Falls, WI where Bev Hoppe held a grand dinner evening at her home for her kids, cousin Jeff and us….I will never forget that evening. We were treated as if we’d been lifelong best friends…….. We also got to see some beautifully constructed artistic wooden pieces built by Bill Hoppe, who Bev lost just a months prior….. What a night we spent! Bev and Beth took us on a hike for birding, seeing grand waterfalls at Kinninnick:
kinnikinick everyone
, rock climbers, dining at a re=built Post Office, shopping, another grand day…. Then we drove the 40 miles to Minneapolis to stay with Brenda & Thomas a couple of nights and catch up with their lives…..we’ve missed them since they returned to the heartland from Portland a few months prior. Thomas with the kids Ben & Eva:
i min walker cntr ben thm eva 3

Neither of us had ever been to WI OR MN . . . . .so everything we saw was fantastic…..those lush rolling hills of hardwood forests are beautiful.

We came back to Chicago to stay with my cousin Dennis n Nan who live in a beautiful home SO close to Soldier Field, its what you see out one of their back windows….. From here we toured the city with NAN as our guide for the architectural secrets, a day at the art institute with Tate Hunt as our guide…it was sure great to SEE Tate again….hadn’t seen him since the blogger gathering in 2005? Gavin, also a friend made through the blog world joined us from NY……what a great few days we enjoyed in Chicago.
cgi art rdg gav tate

**Don’t forget to talk about Wrigley Field……in its 100th anniversary year, yes, we took the tour.

We arrived back home to some hard work trying to get a garden started at the END of May (the penalty I can report now as I write this in August……little fruit ripe yet, it[‘s still all big huge plants)…… going to Classic Pianos who had FOUND the very jewel of a piano I’d been wanting for some time….these fabulous brothers gave me all the money I’d paid for the old tinny one back toward this new one that they had found and held for me for a month……
kawaii new 2014

a very nice little Kawaii Upright….almost sounds like the baby grand I mistakenly gave up a few years ago.

June involved everything June does in Portland…..getting geared u-p for summer…. It began with making the strawberry freezer jam! Yum. That’s followed 2 weeks later when the Cascade Delight Raspberries ripen at West Union Gardens….more jam……
berry jam 2014

Then we await the July creation of Apricot Jam, then the Triple Crown Blackbery Jam, and right NOW, aug early, I am awaiting making Peach Ginger Jam.

JULY – brought a visit from a fabulous Niece, Shauna, hubby Moe & beautiful kids Miriam & Sommer……. we had MORE fun than I could have thought so I am happy they’ll be in Utah for a year, maybe we’ll get to see them again before they had back to Ontario, Canada where Shauna’s a bus prof of history. Midieval History.

And, LATE in July, STILL trying to get that veggie garden up to speed and fighting MOLES as I’ve NEVER had to fight them before (I suppose because we haven’t sprayed anything Monsanto out in our yard for a few years….so it’s healthy, yes, but it’s a losing battle against moles…..in FACT, IF….the FIRST year I’d ever tried to grow a vegetable garden involved what the fight has been this year, I seriously DOUBT if I’d EVER kept gardening….. ). Well, July 18……. while watering that garden with the soaker hose, a mole tunnel collapses the corn plants I’m standing next to, and I dive to the ground hoping to plug it without losing 5′ tall plants…..my pinkie finger hits something hard, and I end up with a condition called: MALLET FINGER
WHICH…….will hamper what I do for 8 weeks. I went to E/R next day, and to the doctor Monday, and now have a small plastic cast to hold the finger straight (all the tendons were torn loose)….. can’t get it wet, can;t do much…. big oops.

I have this cast replaced/updated for the first time tomorrow morning.

That oops explains my poor typing, and…..during the family pickling weekend THIS coming saturday-sunday…..I hope I’ll get my share of work in. I’m prepping the kitchen and supplies now…….6 of us will be here to make 140 quarts of grandma Rays Pickles……again…… it’s now a family tradition.

Well, I’ve missed a LOT of trivial fun bits of life we enjoyed this summer, it’s been a most interesting one, and maybe someday I can get a few pics thrown in here…..but for now, this will have to do.

AUGUST……month of more home-made potato salads
potato salad
, watermelon, peach jam, home-=made ice cream, BBQ, fighting moles, watering, enjoying a summer night or two on the town, and on and on and on and on…………..love summer.

Are you Kidding? Mid May almost here?

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It is hard for me to believe that time is NOT passing faster….I sure am not getting as much done as I should….and we’re leaving town in 10 days. I shouldn’t be throwing a few pics up here for my “diary”.

So, here’s a ‘hurry up and get this done’ post about my current spring thoughts.

**AT cousin Nancy’s took a picture of a very old maternal family reunion at my folks house in 1954:
ray reunion 1954
**I “believe” I can work with this in “Photoshop” or something to help it out……..lots of memories

Now. The garden finally got “tilled” with the trusty old big machine that started on the 2nd pull…. (BECAUSE….thanks, cousin Dennis! I’m using boat/marine gasoline (leaded) you buy at any boat dock)…and your machines never get gummed up again.

Looked great after it was done….
2014 grdn tlld n rows

With the ‘promise’ of warmer dry weather coming, there are a few lettuce plants out there that are almost ready to eat…..and it IS May when deer start to show up eating young plants. The deer fence went up on the “sunny” day yesterday, and I’m glad it’s done:
deer fence 2014

The Rhubarb is doing very well, first cutting already gone to Marie at John St Cafe….2nd cutting very soon:
4 rhbarb grwng fast

And I only have one little of our “mini-greenhouse” starter boxes going….this cabbage, parsley, etc was planted yesterday too:

ALONG, Skyline, our 10 year old “Kerria” is doing fantastic, beautiful small yellow “Japanese Roses” that last about 3-4 weeks:

**AND I LOVE the arrivals of our songbirds this spring…..it’s continuing right on track, in fact, we’re seeing MORE birds than last year…….it appears that the drought/dry winter in California was a lot easier for them to migrate through than the extremely stormy winter last year. Example? HUMMINGBIRDS: So far last year Jan to May 10? 40 quarts……consumed. THIS year? to May 10? 80 Quarts! We’ll be busy with those kids for a couple of months, for sure.

So here are some other beautiful arrivals: The American Goldfinches:
American Goldfinch

The gorgeous tiny Wilson’s Warbler has been here every day, lately with a lady friend, yes:
Wilson's Warbler male, Wilsonia pusilla, perched in pine tree.

The Yellow Rumped Warbler showed up alone, then next day, 4 of them, but now…..they’ve probably moved into the woods for mating/nesting:
yellwrmped wrblr 2

And of course, our favorite champion songbird caller, the Black Headed Grosbeaks are here, and beginning to nest already:
blck hd grsbk

We have one pair of Evening Grosbeaks who’ve decided our feeder stations are just right…..they were here about 5 days, and yesterday, there were 9 of these beautiful birds at the feeders….with some “luck” maybe we’ll have more than one pair stay around for the summer:
**above’s a “web” pic**

MAC is donating to the nest-building effort for the birds….. We captured enough of his shedding hair to fill this suet cage….and the chickadees are using enough, that THIS pic, is the 2nd time I’ve filled it:
4dog hair nest mtrl

**On the dog walk, captured this fun MOSSY tree trunk fallen over…..it had every appearance of being ready to come after us:

With very dear friend SHEILA ELLAM (R’s ‘best’ friend in High School) for a few days, we did tour Portland’s most famous gardens, the Rose Gardens in Washington Park. Roses weren’t out yet, but the Rhody’s and other things were at their peak here, just a few weeks before the Rose Festival in June. THERE WERE two I want IN OUR yard, but have NO clue what they are…..I believe this will take a bit of research:

Plant #1:
pdx mystery plnt 2

Plant #2:
mystry plnt 1

And that’s it……got to run…… a Pork Shoulder has been cooking in the crockpot for 10 hours…..I believe our dinner is about done. Yum.

Hummingbird note april 2014

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for recording updates in the wildlife diary – - – here at home, 1100′ NW Portland:

Rufous Hummingbirds, according to the Audubon Society, 1st pass through ‘lightly’ late February….these birds are usually northbound migrants and will end up nesting in BC or WA.

They arrive when it’s rather cold……..after living in No. MX all winter:
1hummerbabyjun062004 009

At our address along NW Skyline, we usually see the first arrivals mid-March to 1st April…..THIS is the FIRST year I learned that females can be on a nest within 3 days of arrival! Whew! I KNOW their nests are tiny, but so are they! WE DID get activity busy enough that 3rd – 4th week of March that I was impressed…..about a quart a day of food was being consumed. Then they all seemed to disappear……as weather warmed a bit, blooming in the yard, insects, etc.

But I began to realize they HAVE been nesting………until……. April 21, evening, light rain falling and……. The feeders began to get swamped with activity….. and that repeated yesterday, getting even heavier….. and by nightfall, I recognized the fact there were juveniles in the mix…..not just Rufous, but the larger puffy Anna chicks as well……and those poor little chicks, hatch out, and find out you’re in a cool very rainy place:


SO. the FIRST mating, hatching, raising, has succeeded.. . . . parents will continue with this first batch another couple of weeks, and settle in to raise a 2nd set of kids….. TODAY, 3 QUART feeders will be placed at the heavy use locations….and a couple more feeders placed further out in the yard …near the fir trees I think nests are in.

WHEW! This is joy to watch these tiny whirrrrrring sounding birds ……
cold hummers

….and….. even though rufous will be aggressive with each other around the feeders, it seems they don’t even give recognition to the Anna’s….viewing them as NO threat to the food….they leave Anna’s alone. Learning continues here about this fine little bird.

I still love the absolute radiant beauty of the Male Rufous:
hummer rfous male nice


The grand love life of the GREAT BLUE HERONS on Sauvie.

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The beauty of Great Blue Herons. Stephen R and I went “birding” out to the great produce capitol of the area, and bird refuge wetlands…Sauvie Island friday. Though mostly disappointing ….every migrant has come and gone, winter visitors gone back to the arctic, and ‘locals’ paired up and nesting….The arrival of the barn swallows was in clear evidence near the audubon station seeing hundreds flying for insects and building nests.

HOWEVER….. The ONE bird I ALWAYS love to see during the spring are the Great Blue Herons….who live mostly single lives, but do the most extraordinary thing when deciding it’s “time” to raise chicks.

The males gather in Heron Rookeries…. The one I’m familiar with has over 50-60 nests by now….and begin “colonizing” in February picking out an existing nest (usually), begin dressing it up, and doing some fancy wing moves to entice passing females….. when a pair bond is made, they both get to work on strengthening that nest, even using sticks as bonding items passing them back and forth.

GREAT calling sounds are evident ALL day long during this period, and the trees have NO leaves, so it’s easy fabulous behavior to watch….these 5-6 pound large birds up 50-100′ in the trees making a community for safety while they raise the family. Ah, the HERON ROOKERY:
herons nstng

So, mating gets accomplished and eggs are being laid……….but that’s the most AMAZING part.

The evolution of this beautiful bird’s nesting has brilliantly and so successfully been timed so that about the time the birds (both will share nesting….)…are on eggs, the Trees where the nests are, begin LEAFING out. The grand birds are not so visible…..and in stark contrast to the period 2-3 weeks prior, it’s getting eerily quiet…not a peep.

Copyright Andrea Moberly

About a week after that pic above was taken, the nests become completely invisible cloaked behind the tree leaves. Even when birds depart or arrive …you WOULD think a bird that big would make some noise landing. NOPE. Not a peep. Using your spotting scope, you can ‘find’ a few nests with a beautiful female head sitting starkly still……and quiet.

SO THAT WAS MY POINT about this bird visit to Sauvie…..it NEVER fails to astound me how this large bird reproduces…..with SUCH JOY…LOUD CALLS, displays, huge nest building completely in the open…..a behavior you get to see visiting the spot in MARCH.

one heron nstng

BUT……. last Monday, the same spot is there, those 50-60 birds are THERE….an you can’t HEAR or SEE a thing without binoculars…. and my mind is again astounded about nature.

NOW……time passes……and we’ll go out again late May…….and stand by those trees. Once again, you see very little except huge birds flying in to go retrieve food for chicks, or flying back in Bringing food…. and the DIFFERENCE in this visit? Yes, you can’t see into the trees, but once again, they’re making big noise, the chicks are squawking to be fed, and it’s quite astounding again, THIS time knowing, the bird population in the tree has grown by at least 1/3 since your last visit, and YOU KNOW they’re in there…

It’s a grand day out when I get to see this nature wonder in the spring….and sometimes I DO wish I COULD see those nests knowing it would look like this with those big chicks next to the parents:

ready to fledge herons

**NO,none of these were my photos…..

Notes Apr 8 2014

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After a fairly mild winter, March almost broke records with Rainfall…..tied for 3rd all time. Last time we had this much rain was March 1957.

So, now, spring is exploding after the ground got saturated with mild temps…..(sorry, Midwest with your hellish winter)….. What’s up? What isn’t up is more like it. Veggies: Potatoes, chilves, green onion, leeks, shallots, oregano, fennel….with lettuce, parsley planted. NO seeds started yet, but that get done soon….. I have the plastic mini-mini greenhouse bins ready.

Currants are blooming….bees are everywhere. Hummingbirds have disappeared within 3 weeks of arrival……ALREADY nesting I presume AND eating lots of insects now that they’re out.

Dandelion Patrol! IS big time now, and I’m almost at the point of…..sorry birds, I may have to spray a bit of the lawn….since I’m getting weary of digging out the roots of those pests…..the new neighbors don’t help much with a mammoth dandelion lawn………. they’re new here, so we’ll give ‘em one more year to, uh……. settle in.

I feel some energy coming back. I don’t remember a winter where long gray damp days got to me by March 1……I suppose last year’s dry warmer spring got to me.

We have enjoyed lots of theater the last few weeks, and will be going to Othello this Sunday. We’ve dined out a bunch, but spent most of our entertainment hours at home. I worry I AM again as Rodger’s accused me of doing….I’m NOT as ambitious as I used to be, there’s NO question.

Even Mac’s not QUITE as ambitious as he once was….at 9 1/2….it’s not as hard to keep him exercised and worn out.

TO DO LIST April 2014 left: 1) Plant some seedlings ….that should be ready for transplant mid-May 2) Finish thinning out house clutter, a project started in February…..and once things got comfortably thinned enough to navigate, the cleaning stopped. woops….

So, in a very short note, here is spring 2014….and I’m getting back in shape. Not easily…so MUCh yard work yesterday, I’m sore and tired today…….we’ll keep at it!

FUN NOTE: A tiny crew of 2 plus 2 stars (including Grimm Nick -David Guintoli) of the TV series GRIMM we’re preparing to film a scene as we walked back up on Firelane 10 in Forest Park….. I didn’t dare just take the pic while they were looking at us….so did this from a distance….but I did offer, “Hey…I can get my dog over there, he can probably solve whatever crime scene you’ve got there.” ….they laughed:
4grimm filming

YES, Meeker Raspberries are healthily up, and spreading a bit, yes:
4raspbry grows 4 2 14

Yes, Finnish Fingerlins, and red potatoes are back as always….and there’s enough starts out there we will be sharing some:
taters 4 7 2014 are up

Always a sign of spring: Rhubarb!
4rhubarb big 4 2

Hummers everywhere

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Just a quick add for future “reference” . . . . . . about a lot of just now arriving-for-the-season Rufus Hummingbirds.

We always begin looking for their arrival in early March. The first ones seen are often just passing through, heading into Canada likely. The first ones to arrive are always the MALES. They arrive to scout out good territory, where food’s available, and a place the females will also see easy food sources. You may see a few of these “early” migrants for a day or two, feeding, resting….but they move on. This year, from the first sighting of a male arrival, the numbers grew one by one, just 2-3 for the last two weeks.

I am always awestruck to see the first one Rufus KNOWING this TINY creature has just flown some 2-3 thousand miles through spring coastal storms from Mexico, and many will CONTINUE north:

Well, it appears not many moved on, or I wasn’t paying attention……..Boom! With cousin Stan and Mary visiting us this week, we were all sitting at the Kitchen island for breakfast / tea. While chatting, I was STRUCK quickly how EVERY hummingbird feeder I could see from there (3) was ‘set’ with a male guarding it and females continuing to fly in and try to eat….. at all 3 feeders at ONCE! I checked the others, it was true of those also. I returned to look at the primary one in the front window….it was EMPTY.

****note on this picture: A male Rufus….confronting a female Anna’s (year round residents)…..for some reason, they don’t always fight with this ‘larger’ cousin****

WELL. That made me glad Mary & Stan were here…..I realized I had NOT been paying enough attention to the “numbers” of arriving Rufus….. I quickly put on 6 quarts of sugar/water to boil and get ready……pulled out the LAST 2 pints left in the garage fridge and replaced the empty feeder…. as SOON as the others are cool, I’ll immediately put out 2-3 more feeders, replace the heavy use ones with Quart size feeders.

The Hummingbird Season has begun. I can’t wait for an evening in May when the first hatchlings are fledged and we’ll likely be seeing these numbers are feeders on some COOL spring night:

I can’t close this without giving DUE credit to our tough year-round resident Anna’s….who ALL used to fly to the lowlands for winters….but Audubon believes “some” began staying up here through the winters simply by enough people leaving feeders out for them…..so we do that….. they’re completely different than the Rufus, less agressive, larger….but then, of course, they don’t make a 4 – 5 thousand mile migration every year…. Here’s one of our male Annas:

So, Whew! Hummingbird sugar/water is cooked alongside home-made Kahlua and both are now cooling……Stan & Mary are off to OHSU, Rodger’s working, so I’ll take Mac for an over-due Columbia River SWIM….so tonight while we all visit, He’ll be worn out.

mar 8 2014 winter weakens a grip & a Rufous arrives.

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A quick note or two. Winter in the Midwest through to New england have been a tortured test of wills…..below 0 temps, FEET of snowstorms, over and over…..so complaining of a small drought in PAC NW Oregon, seems whiny. I’m just noting, yes, we have been lucky, but we have needed more rain. That began the last couple days of February and continued up to now, March 8…..WITH that, temps ARE warming for us…. enough that the lawn HAS begun to green up, grow enough to get out the winter rested lawn tractor, start it, MOW about 1/2 the lawn….. fertilize it, put down what ‘ferrous iron’ I had left, and now wait for it to truly get a deep green and grow. Doing all that let’s you observe what’s happening in the yard March 1:

1) TEMPS. Two days in the last 4 were over 60, a bit warm for now, but enough that our Orchard (Mason) Bees, all resting in their little posts will begin to move in their cells, and hatch….OUT came the first 3-4 blocks…and are now awaiting bee hatching:

bee homes mar 2014

2) What will they dine on? NO buds on any fruit tree yet….it’s been too cold for that…..but….there’s hope. This one rhody like plant is full of blooms:
flwrng shrub mar 2014

3) The CURRANTS seem like they’ll be next, and those are fragrant rich pollinators:
currants 2 2014

4) Wait a minute, that hellebore has been ‘sort-of-blooming’ all winter, and now looks like it has pollen to share:
hellebore mar 2014

Then the elderberries, raspberries and apple trees within a month……

****JUST yesterday, the very FIRST Male Rufous Hummingbird was seen feeding, feeding, and feeding on the back feeder…..Seems an early arrival, and likely migrant that would continue north…..but when I scared him from that feeder accidentally, he flew immediately around the house to the office window, where, all summer, a feeder sits….he stared a while….seems to me he KNEW where he was. Today, he’s been back 2-3 times feeding. either he’s resting up for his next trip segment north, or he’s here setting up territory already. Nonetheless, 2 fresh quarts of food were fixed immediately, and now 4 feeders are awaiting more arrivals….we LOVE the time the Rufous are here…..malerufous

And the 5 maturing Hydrangeas will then be in bloom, a plant I LOVE because those blooms last a LONG time:
hydrangea mar 2014

Well. Looks like these little calm bees will be busy till June when they’ll go back to bed again and wait the rest of the year out till NEXT spring. Whew! Short busy life……Good thing we bought new empty little bee hive tunnel posts for this year….they’re ready.

Other things are showing signs of surviving the frosty winter.

fall GARLIC plantings are up:
baby garlic mar 2014

Our Hemlock planted some 10 years ago, but losing a battle every winter with the male Bucks when in their rut as they have scraped this little thing almost bare more than once…..is finally winning the battle and truly at 9-10′ high, I think, it’s going to be a keeper:
hemlock mar 2014

WELL…..it’s been a frosty, dry winter up to now. AND, yes, compared Portlanders living at 40′ elevation, we’re two weeks behind…. BUT I’ve come to love this 1000′ elevation location….it’s unique, quiet, and let’s you be with the nature all around us very easily. After 15 years, I somehow have a strong feeling with temps nearing or passing 60, with the longer light days, and rain filling up the dry places, this yard will look 100% different within 3-4 weeks…. I never knew how much I loved spring until I got so intimately acquainted with this little piece of land in the rain forest of the Pacific NW these last 15 years. . . . .


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About a year ago, our neighbor, very nice 29 yr old guy with his own plumbing business (his “family’s” business that he runs)…. took on a Rottweiler “show-quality” pup that his girlfriend had wanted, so Aaron got her “Gator”….a gorgeous animal. Just before the dog arrived, Angie passed away….. Since he runs 90% of the family business, Aaron had NO time for the dog, and really no time to deal with finding a home. That went on for this past year.

We would go out to find him in the back yard so lonesome…..when you would go up to the fence, he would lean into the fence with all his weight….. hoping you would rub that fur…..he quickly learned to sit for a ‘cookie’ now and then. Let out twice a day for all this time, he spent his indoor time in a penned space just off the kitchen….. so the morning outdoor time was about 5:30 am before aaron left, and then about 4:00 – 5:00 when Aaron got home….

As time went along, I finally began to hint ….wondering if he had begun to accept this could not continue for the dog….. and about 3 months ago, began to talk about the loss of Angie, and that he was probably hanging on to a few things because her death was unexpected and sudden. BUT, he knew he ‘had’ to do something.

After that, I began to wonder what options there were for rescuing a big Rottweiler ….. would anyone want this large untrained lonely dog now? He’d be handful ….. but without saying anything I took his lonely pic:

gator 12 1 2013

AND…..submitted a little ‘ad’ in a dog rescue site just to see. The response was big……6-8 total hopefuls to adopt a rottie, and 3-4 absolutely sounded perfect…..3 here in Portland, the first responder near Boise, ID. I printed them out with my ad, and just “showed” them to Aaron…..saying, what I’d done, and please don’t feel pressure, but WHEN you really think the time is right, we can run this ad again……. He took the papers…….. and that was that.

I responded to the woman from Boise, ID….that looked like it wasn’t going to happen at least now.

WELL. Two months later, Aaron had recovered himself more and more, he showed up asking for the phone number of the woman from Boise! I couldn’t believe it! She lives on 40 acres with family on adjoining farms…. I assumed she’d already found a dog.

Things paid off. Mikki was still waiting …… Aaron was ready …….. they met halfway between Portland and Boise Sunday to do the meet-greet…..and exchange if all was good. Aaron met them, opened the crate, Mikki said, “Oh shit, he’s a BEAST!” . . . . Before Aaron could ask if that’s bad or good, she then said, “He’s beautiful…I had NO idea what kind of Rottweiler you’d be bringing but this is a show dog. I’m going to love him, he’ll be going EVERYWHERE I go…..” Gator was placed in her Jeep wagon……where he immediately laid down….seeming content. Whew!

This was a lesson I learned in such a personal way…… what was that? “PUT GOOD THINGS OUT THERE…….and just once in a while, they work out.” . . . . . This seems to have worked out in about as wonderful a way as possible. She has already texted him twice with pics, and a happy new owner. Lucky is GATOR!

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